Phlebotomy (Blood Testing)

When the GP hands you a blood form there are certain things you need to know. Is the form completed with the correct details? (Name, DoB, Requesting GP, Destination Address for the results and what test you are having). Do not leave the Surgery until you know all details are correct.

If the blood test is for Glucose Tolerance Test, you need to ring your local centre offering blood test to make an appointment as this is two hours long.

Is this a Fasting Blood Test and if so what do I need to do? A fasting blood test means you should have nothing to eat or drink from 10:00pm the night before and you should attend the local health centre before 10:00am. You are allowed sips of water without any flavouring. You can not chew gum and you should refrain from smoking.

If the blood test is for a child over 4 years of age and under 12 years old please inform the staff.

For Non-Fasting Blood Test you can attend your local health centre anytime during Blood Testing Opening Hours. 

Local Blood Test Clinics are listed below. The Health Centres operate a walk-in system so you will have to wait you turn. For further infomation on opening times and blood testing hours please click the relevant link below.

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