Vital importance of childhood immunisations

Most routine vaccinations that will protect your child from diseases including measles, mumps,
diphtheria, hepatitis B, polio, tetanus and whooping cough are given by your GP before they start
school. However, you can catch up at any time if your child has missed vaccinations and you can
easily check if you aren’t sure.

You can search ‘NHS child vaccines’ online or visit to see which vaccinations
are given when. You can check your child’s health record (red book) or contact your GP to see if
they are up to date.

Your GP can also arrange for you to catch up with vaccinations. If your child had first vaccinations
abroad it is important you still have routine vaccinations here, and your GP can help arrange that.
If you’re not registered with a GP, you can register online (anyone can register and you don’t need
ID or proof of address).

Information about why vaccines are safe and really important is here:

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